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This community space empowers men to move from their head to their heart.


It is a place to feel at home embracing spirituality and inner growth through inspirational, educational and entertaining content. You are invited to challenge the expectant norms of society and take time to reflect on deeper parts of yourself which can be difficult to reach.


Please engage in discussion and embrace the lessons shared to support your own personal growth. Through communication, collaboration and build a community, we can move beyond ourselves as individuals.


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Gentleman Healers

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Conventional coaching works on the conscious level. You are told how you can do things better. You are given some exercises to practice doing it better. You repeat the better way lots and lots of times. You put in lots of hard work and effort. Finally you may make some changes in one area of your life.

This is because over 80% of the decisions we make are made at a subconscious level. Even the big decisions which we take time to mull over are heavily influenced by our subconscious. By working at a subconscious level, we can uncover deeply held but seldom recognised beliefs that are making the conscious actions in our life difficult.

Subconscious - the level in our mind we work with
Mindset - the established set of beliefs you hold 
Coaching - the focus on performance improvement

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Thought Pieces is a long form blog, where each thought is the piece of a puzzle. We don’t know what the puzzle is of yet because it’s not finished. 


We try and fit each of the thought pieces into the right place, but sometimes have to try a couple of different ways of thinking before finding something that matches up.
If you align with what’s said, brilliant. If you don’t, please help to progress the puzzle by sharing what you think and feel.

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Gentleman Healers is a place for reflection, spirituality, discussion, learning, personal growth and contribution. This means that we are always looking for content that would inspire, challenge, educate or entertain people looking to explore their spirituality. We believe that it is through communication, collaboration and community that we can move beyond ourselves as individuals.


So if you’ve something that you’d like to share, this is an inviting place to do so.

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Samuel Valentine: a Gentleman and a Healer.

This Gentleman had a successful career in the construction industry, delivering multi-million pounds projects in the road and rail sector. He has earned a Chartership with the Institution of Civil Engineers and has served as an Officer in the British Army. Having worked for large private and public sector organisations in the UK, Sam knew success but came to realise that it did not equate to fulfilment.

Opening up to new ideas and embracing different ways of thinking lead Sam to become a Healer. He is a ThetaHealing® Instructor and subconscious mindset coach focussing on creating a space for men to feel at home in the spiritual community. As an entrepreneur and business owner, Sam balances the adventures of the mind with travel and mountaineering.

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'Great oaks from little acorns grow'

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